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Pain is the most mentioned symptom in primary care whose appearance is common to several diseases that generate negative repercussions on patient’s life quality. This symptom is mainly associated with osteoarticular diseases whose prevalence increases with aging and among them rheumatic diseases are the most prominent. Therefore, it is essential to investigate these type of reports as well as identify the epidemiological profile of this patients in order to alert the population about the main risk factors for their development and the need to actively search for them. This study aims to characterize the main rheumatic complaints in outpatient primary health unit. As specific objectives, to identify the most affected age group, sex and determinate the most frequent joint complaints sites. It is a quantitative, retrospective, descriptive, and documentary study performed in a Basic Health Unit of Teresina - PI.

Materials and methods

Data from 365 electronic medical records of patients attending the general clinic were sourced. Among these, patient’s medical records from January to July of 2018 who presented rheumatic complaints were included in the study and excluded those from patients under the age of 50 and pregnant women


As results 15% showed rheumatic complaints. Pain was the main complaint detected in 64.04% (p = 0.0027) of these individuals, followed by pain and edema in 14.06% of cases and pain with irradiation in 12.5% of subjects. As to the epidemiological aspect, 46 (80.70%; p = 0.0) were female and 11 (19.30%) were male. The majority of complaints involved patients between 50 and 60 years old (52.63%; p = 0.05). The most common joint involved was lumbar spine, appearing in 33.34% (p = 0.061) of the records. There was also a significant percentage of knee complaints with 19.75%, feet with 12.35% and shoulder with 11.12%.


Therefore, it has been shown that rheumatic complaints are frequent complaints in primary care, and that these reports should not be neglected. Pain complaints mainly in the lumbar spine were highlighted. It was confirmed that females and patients between 50 and 60 years of age were the susceptible to this diseases. Therefore, this study sought to elucidate the importance of the characterization of these diseases, since its progression can generate irreversible damages.
Key words: primary health care, chronic pain, rheumatology


Public Health


JOELMA MOREIRA DE Moreira Noroes Ramos , Lidinara Mendes de Sousa Mendes Sousa, Renanna Najara Veras Rodrigues Veras Rodrigues, Aline Maria Ferreira da Silva Lima Ferreira Lima, Lisandra Félix Leite de Oliveira Felix Oliveira, Elaine Cristina da Silva Campos de Araújo Silva Araujo, Liana Nara Oliveira Moreira Oliveira Moreora, Mateus Aguiar da Costa Lopes Aguiar Lopes